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Rental - Unidragon Wooden Puzzle: Intergalaxy Butterfly

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Sometimes you need to stop and see the world around you: the greenery of grass, bright flowers, a deep sky. Stop to watch a feather-light butterfly. Its weightless wings seem to be covered with stardust. They are sparkling and shimmering in the sun. A whole world is reflected in its eyes. Each butterfly has its own unique dance: the dance of new life, change, and transformation.

We are all a part of the same Universe, although our worlds are so different. The life of a butterfly is a short dance from bud to flower, from flower to sweet fruit in order for it to leave offspring. Our world is much larger: we see beautiful birds, amazing animals, we have been in space and are discovering new worlds. A man can change the world, so let him change it for the better.

The puzzle Intergalactic Butterfly is a new Universe. The unusual plot of the puzzle makes you think about ... Woody aromas evoke sacred thoughts. Everything is made of birch plywood, every detail is unique, every puzzle is unique.