BePuzzled Mystery Puzzles Written By A Range of Authors (Part 3)

Have you been intrigued by the vast array of mystery jigsaw puzzles we offer?  BePuzzled puzzles are unique, as each has a mystery story written by authors with various backgrounds, and not all are who-dunnit writers!   

Did you know that many titles in our collection are no longer published? BePuzzled was bought out in the 1980s, and the new publisher sent the back catalog into the “out of print” list.  

These jigsaw puzzles add to the challenge by including a booklet with a mystery story and not including what the finished image of the puzzle looks like on the box cover.  You discover clues as you put the puzzle together! Reserve your rental today - the links are included in the puzzle titles.

six BePuzzled mystery puzzle boxes by misc authors

R.D. Zimmerman

R.D. Zimmerman, a winner of several literary awards, is an American author of 16 books, including mysteries, psychological thrillers, children's books, and six puzzles. Under the pen name of Robert Alexander, his novels include The New York Times bestseller, “The Kitchen Boy,” and his latest, “When Dad Came Back As My Dog.”


Death By Diet 

Murder Most Artful 

Mike W. Barr

Mike Barr has comic book street cred! He has been the Editor and writer at comic books companies, especially DC Comics, Marvel Comics, and created the entire Star Trek series in comic book format. Besides writing comic books and mystery novels, Mike wrote the science fiction/fantasy novel, Majician/51. If you enjoy the puzzle we have in the library here, and want to play his other one - ask if Conundrum House is able to get the other BePuzzled title - Murder Can Be Comic.

Murder on the Rocks 

Bruce Whitehill

Bruce Whitehill, aka “The Big Game Hunter”  (the toys, not animals) has never written a mystery novel!  He is widely known for being a game collector, historian, and inventor for over 35 years.  You may have heard of some of them - Centipede, Championship Baseball, Fraggle Rock, “Ripley’s Believe It or Not!” game, and Snoopy Card Game.  His website has all the research you desire when it comes to learning about board games and beyond!

A Recipe for Murder

Golf Titles

BePuzzled puzzles 2 golf titles

Denis J. Harrington is the author of sports titles about cars, football, and tennis. Additionally he co-authored a historical fiction about Mississippi steamboats and a murder mystery that takes place in the Roman Collesium.  Combining his love of sports and mystery, enjoy the puzzle where the answer is on the golf course!

Murder of Course

Christopher King has written an array of books and videos.  While some of his titles are business oriented, he may be better known for his children’s book “The Boy Who Ate The Moon.”  His videos featured Sherlock Holmes and the macabre characters of Edgar Allen Poe.

The Case of the Missing Links

Alfred Hitchcock Lovers

BePuzzled puzzle boxes of Alfred Hitchcock titles

Get in the mood for Alfred Hitchcock with these two puzzles!  

Henry Slesar wrote more scripts for Alfred Hitchcock than any other writer!  He also published more than 450 short stories and half a dozen mystery novels.

Inspector Cross - A Classic Case of Murder

Larry Zacher is an author of a history book, slang dictionaries, and around eleven puzzles.  This title features suspects who have an unusual "obsession" with Alfred Hitchcock and his films.

Alfred Hitchcock

BePuzzled JR

Matt Christopher has written more than 100 fast-paced, action-packed sports titles for young readers.  One of his books, “The Kid Who Only Hit Homers” is now a movie streaming on Netflix!

Secret of Rock Island (for ages 8-12)

More Authors

BePuzzled puzzle boxes mixed authors

Want to discover other exciting tidbits about other puzzle authors?  Check out BePuzzled Mystery Puzzles (Part 2) by Women Writers and BePuzzled Mystery Puzzles Are Intriguing for more!

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