On this page you can discover a cornucopia of events and activities Conundrum House creates and produces. Once you have explored these, let’s connect for a no-obligation chat for 30 minutes to see what you’re thinking and how we can bring a little mystery, fun, intrigue and play into your day-to-day.

Some of Our Offerings

The End of Thyme

A murder mystery role-playing adventure starring you & your guests!

Be a character in our 10-12 character murder mystery event. $450, includes Game Master/s, character dossier kits delivered to you and your guests' doors to help everyone prep for this unique game play experience. Add a delicious dinner from Castor Restaurant! Order from the menu especially prepared for our guests. Want more choices for your players? Order directly from Castor. The freshly prepared meals will be brought to you and your guests by the skilled and friendly Castor waitstaff. Price varies.

Team Building / Recess

Timed Escape Games, Modifying Board Game Rules

Interested in pitting your teams against one another? Teams compete in a timed event using the challenging and delightful Stargazer’s Manor Escape game. Or any of our other escape games - Unlock, Escape from the Museum or Escape from the Grand Hotel, and many more. Teams of 3 to 6 Players compete head-to-head against each other and the clock! Price includes Game Master/s, and all game materials. Play at our place: $45/hour, 2 hour minimum. Play at your place: $200 setup / remote onsite fee + $45/hour, 2 hour minimum.

Run of the Game Room

Play any of our games in our library, as well as the role-playing room escapes and the Alexa Media Room.$45/hour for up to 20 players, 2 hour minimum. Includes knowledgeable game attendant.

Tabletop Games

Gather round - while we don't have every game ever published or created, and we don't even have every category of games that exist, we DO have an exquisite collection of co-operative, mystery, clue-gathering and immersive games which often pit the players against the game, not each other.

There are simple-to-learn games which can be picked up and played in an hour (some even played several times!) to intricate games that require more time and attention - and a lot have a tutorial scenario in the box to help with getting into the game.

Some of our more complex games are asymmetrical - that is, players have different and distinct roles in the game - often with different objectives and winning strategies. Great for teams to play repeatedly switching roles to discover hidden talents or powers.

Immersive Role Playing

Once you come through the veil into Conundrum House, you are immersed into imaginative worlds of role-playing and discovery! We all know how to play - after all, that is how children learn and discover, and we were all like that, at one point. At Conundrum House gatherings we re-connect and re-discover access to play! And we all STILL have capacity for PLAY!

Unidragon Jigsaw Puzzles 

For connoisseurs of jigsaw puzzles, or even if you just delight in colorful, unique and intricate wooden puzzles - we have a collection of Unidragon Puzzles that will astound your senses.

Alexa Media Room

We live in a modern world, and some of the modern marvels may just be a trifle esoteric for some - and at Conundrum House, we do the technological wizardry to setup the ideal environment for Alexa games so you don't have to! The audio immersion in our Alexa room is stellar, and the atmosphere created by the various Alexa games we offer ranges from spooky to chilling to frightening to haunting. Come play and be an ear-witness as you unravel the story...

Mystery Jigsaw Puzzles

Story Time - with a puzzling end! These come with a short story and a mystery or murder to solve - and the puzzle holds the clues to the mystery! 500, 2x500, or 1000 piece puzzles. Fun for groups to tackle, even when not everyone is into jigsaws.

Employee & Customer Gifts

Add a little Adventure & Play to your people's lives!

Bring the gift of play to your employees and valued customers with our Company Memberships, or Gift Certificates.

GIFT CERTIFICATES | Click on the image above to order as many Gift Cards as you choose. Available in $15, $25, $50 and $100 denominations.

GAME CLUB | Purchase multiples of our Game Club Memberships as a way to thank your employees for their dedication and contribution to your business. Also great as a gift to give to your top customers! Sold in lots of 10 Memberships, as the sponsoring company you also receive 2 hours of Private Group Play per quarter for group play at no extra charge. Great for award celebrations, etc. 

Unique-to-You Events

A murder mystery role-playing adventure starring you & your guests!

Over $31k raised!

We also specialize in creating unique events, designed to meet your needs - be they team building goals, fundraising, mystery clue hunts and more. Call us for an initial FREE consultation to explore what will work for you and your organization.

In 2020 and 2021 we were honored to work with:
     • a Girl Scout Troop co-creating a turn-of-the-last-century mystery inspired by the Enola Holmes stories;
     • a fundraiser for a non-profit law center in Seattle inspired by the shenanigans of D. B. Cooper, the instigator of the only skyjacking in US history to never be solved;
     • a county-wide Mystery clue hunt that was set is 5 different historic locations, with spectral voices of past residents sharing their stories and the significance of those locations.

Groups/Team Building Games, LARPs & Pricing

Covid Policy

We follow the Guidance from the Oregon Health Authority. 

Masks, Face Coverings, Face Shields are Required when Visiting Conundrum House store and rental library.

To protect employees and visitors, this location requires everyone five (5) years of age and older to wear a mask, face covering or face shield. There are no exemptions, but individuals can request an accommodation to enable full and equal access to services, transportation, and facilities open to the public.

Children between two (2) and five (5) years of age are strongly encouraged to wear a mask, face covering or face shield. Individuals ages two (2) and over are required to wear a mask or face covering on all public transportation and at transportation hubs.

More information at https://healthoregon.org/coronavirus 

PLEASE NOTE: For events that are 2 hours or more we do require that our visitors be vaccinated. Call (541) 250-2027 to discuss these policies if you are interested in booking any of our Game Nights, Mystery Dinner Parties or other private events for you and your groups.