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Explore popular and unique tabletop, RPG and escape games, puzzles and dice, fan art and collectibles. Everything here is  available in BOTH our online and brick-n-mortar store. Buy here, we ship to you , or you pick-up in-store if your live in Corvallis OR!

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Get 12 games over 12 months to play at home, your dorm, or even at the office! You choose your game & puzzling entertainment all year long, while benefitting a local charity with your Games Rental Club Membership.

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Be immersed in a cornucopia of events and activities we create and produce for your family, friends, customers, co-workers, employees! TRPGs, Live-Action Role Play adventures, Clue hunts and mysteries online and off! Year round immersive entertainment.

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Thu 7/18 | Corvallis Arts Walk

Riveting imagery brings a Star Wars inspired Universe to life! 


Adrienne Fritze collaborated with ChatGPT & other AI graphic design tools to co-create the Star Wars inspired world of "Revenge of the Beer Sith" - a large scale Whodunnit produced by Conundrum House. Come meet the human artist and learn about her experience collaborating with AI.  


Private Party | Murder Mystery Dinner!

Who Will You Be? A Murderer Perhaps..?!? Or the next victim? 


Monkshood's Psychic Reader to the Elite, the Great Sage Rosemary N. Thyme has been killed, and you've been summoned to the reading of her will. Was she a tragic victim of a Hit-and-Run? Or something more sinister as it is rumored?!


 Sat 7/21 | TaskMaestros!

Pit your wits against competitors & the Judges! 


Taking a cue from the hit comedy, Taskmasters, our Maestro Chris and his handsome Assistant Mark set you up in a unique 3-hour competition. From your first "Homework" task, to a Secret Task, to competing in a series of shared tasks, this non-stop afternoon of play will leave you, and everyone else, in stitches!

Food Places in Our Neighborhood!

Did you know that when you purchase a Play-All-Day Pass at Conundrum House that you are allowed to bring in outside yummies to eat between your gaming sessions? Check out the local eats via Google Maps.

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