Serve Up A Mystery, Murder, And Fun!

Murder Mystery Boxed Games about barbeque

Turn your dinner party into a night of fun…and murder!  Everyone is a suspect, yet only one is the murderer. So grab your family and friends and have a Murder mystery dinner party!  Delve into the characters, get and give clues - or red herrings, and challenge and interrogate each other to determine who is the culprit!

Here are some tips to make your event great:

  • Allow a bit of time before the event.  Plan the meal - do you want on-theme recipes or simply pizza? Give your guests time to get into their character with costumes and details.
  • Determine who you want to invite.  Make sure the guests wish to participate - solving murders isn’t for the faint of heart, even if it can be fun!  Confirm attendance - you wouldn’t want your murderer to cancel last minute! (And have a backup, just in case.)
  • Determine the setting.  Old West, Disco, Star Trek, or a class reunion from 1954?  Do you want to stage with relevant decor or just focus on characters?
  • On the night of the event, have the food ready.  We recommend having dinner during the first round, where people can mingle and start asking for clues.

Make It Easy With Boxed Games

Boxed games make it easy to host and play, and we have tons to choose from, whether as rentals or you can buy and take home.  Games are for 6-8 players and usually take about 2-3 hours to play.

Each guest usually gets a character booklet.  The themes offer suggestions for how guests dress for their roles - which adds to the anticipation by gathering items to wear, from disco, futuristic starship, to 1890s evening dress. Of course, not everyone wants to dress up, and that’s ok too - the games provide name tags of the suspects.  Some even offer you menus, recipes, and suggestions for decor.

Special Editions of How To Host A Mystery are available to play here at Conundrum House.  

Star Trek Next Generation mystery game on table

  • Star Trek, The Next Generation.  Be a part of the U.S.S. Enterprise Away team and discover who stole the legendary Orb of Knowledge. We have several copies for team-building events!
  • All My Children (1991 edition), where you and your guests play eight of Pine Valley’s most colorful all-star characters as suspects in the dinner host’s murder.
  • Stayin' Alive (2003). Get your '70s disco groove on with characters such as John Revolting, the disco champ, Diana Rush, the singer, or Bruce Leap, the martial arts movie star. Partiers enjoy this as an unforgettable dinner or birthday bash!

We have a special event room, The Saunders Room, available for rent.  Its spacious table and side lounge spots give you and your guests plenty of space to dine and play.  Bring your own meal, or ask about catering. The vintage games include a cassette tape, and we have a cassette player on-premise.

Please note that our vintage rental games contain some dated concepts and scripts. However, our diligent staff has vetted them, so please enquire which ones are not inclusive. 

Games Available

Professor Puzzle's A Murder Mystery Game

Secrets Of Emerald Hill

Murder Mystery Party 6-8 players

A Murder on the Grill

A Slice of Murder

A Taste for Wine and Murder

Champagne Murders

Murder at Mardi Gras

Pasta, Passion & Pistols

Stayin' Alive

The Icicle Twist

How to Host a Murder - 8 players

Barbecue With The Vampire (Teen edition)

Grapes of Frath

It’s the Pits

Maiming of the Shrew

The Chicago Caper

The Class of ‘54

The Last Train From Paris

The Watersdown Affair

Special Editions: All My Children (1991); Star Trek, The Next Generation (1992).

Murder a la Carte - 6 players

A Cajun Killing

Bullets ‘N Barbeque

Chinese Takeout

Please stop on by to pick out a murder mystery to rent or buy, or contact us at for more information and reservations.

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