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Adrienne Fritze

I love to play. Equally so, I love offering people innovative and immersive ways to play! And, if how we play makes a real difference in people’s lives, that’s even MORE exciting!

MISSION Be a source of empowerment to folks living life fully, on their own terms, in their own way.

Mark van der Pol

I thrive on thinking outside the box - heck, on thinking outside the time-space the box is in. Because merely being outside the box, you are still defined (and constrained) by the box you are outside of...

Recently I’ve been applying that to an entirely new endeavor - creating new and re-writing existing Murder Mystery Diner parties with Adrienne Fritze at Conundrum House - a venture of Remarkable Arts.

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Your Day is About to Get Curious

About Conundrum House

Conundrum House offers guests and members a place to rent, buy and play tabletop games--both online and in our brick-n-mortar game room & library. We offer a wide variety of games, puzzles and Live-Action Role-Play experiences that are curated for a variety of tastes--mysteries, whodunits, manipulative puzzles (think Rubiks cube or Hanayama puzzles), sci-fi conundrums, spy and espionage themed games, and more. Our game room and events are oriented to serve all ages, and we produce special live events with partner venues. For businesses we offer some very unique team building experiences like a CSI experience where you and your team are charged with solving a murder, using REAL forensic tools and investigative techniques. Visit our website and step into a world of play that's so fun, you could call it criminal.