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Mom coming to town and she LOVES playing mah-jong? Or maybe you left your favorite version of Clue or Catan back home and want to share the joy of it with your squad. Or what if you're in the mood to try a new adventure but not sure what that would be - and you don't want to invest in an expensive game you haven't yet tried?

Conundrum House's Game Library & Rental Club is the solution!

Two Ways to Pay and Play!

The Game Library may be accessed in two ways:

  1. By buying a Play All Day Pass - to play any of the games in the Library, or our Immersion Rooms (like Escape Rooms, but without the pressure of limited time to solve the various cases and mysteries), and
  2. by becoming a Rental Club Member.

Play-all-Day passes. Passes are $5/person and allows you to come and go all day. So you can play one game early during open hours, go out for a meal break, then come back to play some more until closing if you wish!

If you live in the area, and want to take games home to play, the Rental Membership may be for you. 

Membership Details. Explore Conundrum House's games, puzzles and tricky toys library. Here you'll find board games, mystery jigsaw puzzles, mechanical and manipulative puzzles and other mystery, clue, detective, collaborative, fantasy, or escape-themed games.  Membership in the rental program gives you access to renting whatever's available!

There are three options for joining - annual ($60/year), bi-annual ($35/six-months), and quarterly ($20/three-months).

Your membership includes:

  • A free, one-week game rental each month.
    • Want more time to play with it? Not a problem - you can extend up to 3 additional weeks for $7.50/week.
  • Insider emails (with events, incentives, and announcements of new games, toys or features). 
  • Get additional games for only $7.50/week during the month.
  • You can also share the fun with friends and family  at the Conundrum House Monthly Member Meetups. All your guests get to come and play for free!

Need another reason to join? Think of the savings! If you were to buy a different game to play each month, you could spend hundreds of dollars! And that would come with no guidance, or play expereince, to know if you'd enjoy playing them after the first go. Our games cost anywhere from $35/title to over $100. These savings are, in a sense, another perk of membership.

At Conundrum House we LOVE community. Supporting our local charities comes from that love. For every annual membership we sell, $10 goes to that quarter's non-profit. We've donated to the wonderful folks at abc house, Maxtivity, Jackson Street Youth Shelter, Furniture Share, and other amazing organizations that serve families and youth in our area. 

Co-Conspirators' Inspiration To Share Their Love of Play

Conundrum House's founders, co-conspirators Adrienne and Mark, started the business because they wanted to share their love of play. Years ago, they brainstormed how to create a magical play space that included tabletop games, puzzles, and murder mystery dinners. Then, an idea sparked while reminiscing about the days when people could rent movies or video games and take them home! The business model inspired them to create a retail space for immersive games and rentals.  

While movies and video games are now available by internet streaming, there is nothing that matches the experience of joining friends to play a board game.  

Adrienne and Mark also support artists, including game and puzzle makers. They find hand-crafted games and unique puzzles, with local creators and often through crowdfunding sites. So, you'll find items in the store not available elsewhere in town. As collectors for many years, you also have access to their vintage murder mystery puzzles (with stories written by published mystery authors!) and the 80s dinner game, "How to Host a Murder." Thanks to them, you now have access to a multitude of options!

Popular and Indie Rentals

Our love of games and play shows in the 300+ rentals we have available for your enjoyment. To help get you started, here are a few of our more popular choices:

Unidragon hand-crafted puzzles

The Mystery Agency: The Balthazar Stone escape-room style puzzles for you to solve

The Princess Bride, an adventure book game based on the movie

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle is a cooperative deck-building game

Vast, The Mysterious Manor is a fantasy tabletop RPG 

Root an RPG of woodland creatures

Try Before You Buy

Is there a game you've been eyeing but are unsure if you want to make the investment before trying it out? If we don't have it, ask us! You can request we add it to our library. If we do, you can rent it for $7.50 for a week to try it at home or get a jump and play at Conundrum House with our All Day Game Room Passes.

If you decide you love the game and want it in your private collection, we will apply the $7.50 rental fee to the game's retail price, charging you only for the balance of the cost of the game.

Come explore the rooms of Conundrum House, and discover worlds of fun!

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