Dür laCoque Private Detective Agency

Detective Dur LaCoque investigating files

Imagine you’re sitting at your desk, to your right is a cup of java gone cold, as cold as the case to your left of the unsolved murder case. Detective Dür laCoque is counting on you to get this done. The clock ticks away, reminding you that time isn’t always on your side.  You look up at the board you’ve filled with clues, and suddenly see….

Welcome to the Dür laCoque Private Detective Agency, a special immersion room for detective-driven experiences located within Conundrum House.  Do you love forensic and criminal minds kind of play? Put on your deerstalker or fedora and whip out your magnifying glass! Here you can solve a crime case trying to beat the clock, or spend all day going through file after file solving mysteries.  The file drawers are filled with cases featuring 1948 Los Angeles to a 1998 unsolved murder in small town Indiana.  Murders too grisley? Solve the mystery of who stole the class pet, Honey the Bunny.  

The room is perfect for individuals up to three to four people.  The games may take as little as 20 minutes to play, or up to three and half hours - depending on which you choose, how many people are helping, and your skills.  Have an overflow of friends in your group? That’s ok - we have the Alexa Escape in the other room where people play using Alexa for help with clues. Use of these rooms are included in the $5 all-day pass.

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