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Whimsy Supper Club

Themed Afternoon Tea Parties with Whimsy Supper Club

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JOIN US, in our partnership with the fanciful Whimsy Supper Club, to present you with a sequence of unique Afternoon Tea escapades! The series ignites with a fervently anticipated Steampunk-inspired event.

Chef Talus has curated an inventive menu featuring seasonally inspired scones, cakes, and tea sandwiches, paired with a variety of fresh teas, from Oregon Coffee & Tea, served in Conundrum House’s vintage china. Don your finest Steampunk garb (costume ideas available on our Pinterest page) and enjoy a blend of tabletop games, lock boxes, and steampunk storytelling from Conundrum House.

The entrance fee is $55 per person, with a generous 10% discount to esteemed members of Conundrum House. Fancy a peacock teapot & cup for this afternoon delight, and all the delights to follow? Purchase one from Conundrum House and receive $5 off your next Afternoon Tea escapade.

Look out for our upcoming Afternoon Tea adventures – an Enola Holmes-themed mystery, a chilling Haunting @ the House, and a gothic gamer world filled with supernatural elements.

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Menu includes: seasonally flavors in our scones, cakes, a variety of fresh teas (from Oregon Coffee & Tea) and tea sandwiches (choice of bread or lettuce wrap). Costumes encouraged. Games will include tabletop, cards, storytelling varieties.