Unidragon Wood Puzzles

Unidragon puzzles retail sale collection

Upon first glance, these magical wood puzzles capture you. Take a step closer, and the details become mesmerizing. The brilliant colors. The precise cuts. As you take the pieces out of the box, discovering the individual shapes that flow with the subject becomes a joy.  

Unidragron Elephant King Size wood puzzle retail sale

The stunning designs of animals, creatures, and mandalas come in various sizes - small, medium, king, and royal. Besides physical space, these sizes also indicate the level of complexity and the approximate amount of time it takes to put together.

Let’s take the Milky Whales as an example. Size S: 9.8x5.9 in; 98 pcs; difficulty - easy and suitable for ages 10+, assembly time 1-2 hours. Size M: 12.9x7.8 in; 172 pcs; difficulty - average and suitable for ages 14+, assembly time 2-4 hours. King Size: 16.8x10.4 in; 268 pcs; high complexity, assembly time 4-6 hours. Royal Size: 23.5x14.6 in; 700 pcs; high complexity, assembly time 6-8 hours.

Unidragon Milky Whales wood puzzles in two sizes retail sale



Unidragon Parrot wood puzzle pieces for rental

When you come by our rental space, you will often see a puzzle on the table being put together by Conundrum House members - or sometimes staff! We love them too!! Members find these puzzles great for get-togethers of friends and family, with everyone contributing during the gathering - fun for all.

Reserve your puzzle. Want to make sure your favorite design is waiting? Use our search button and look for Unidragon. Then, click on your favorite rental and pick it up when ready!

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