The Saunders Room Premiere

Conundrum House Saunder Room Mark Adrienne and Dave with Corvallis Wine Walk presentation

Conundrum House Saunder Room Corvallis Wine Walk visitors

Conundrum House entry to Sauder Room during Corvallis Wine Walk

The stunning new event space, officially called The Saunders Room, premiered during the Corvallis Wine Walk by hosting local maker Sun Break Wine & Cider.  Dozens of participants came in to sample the beverages and relaxed in the specially created lounge areas.  Many enjoyed the tasty cheese, fruits, and other snacks, plus amazing pastry cakes provided by Whimsey Supper Club.

Wine with Wine and Murder Mystery at Conundrum House

This new additional room is available for all types of events, especially murder mystery dinner parties.  For the Deluxe version of “End of Thyme,” the room will be transformed into “The Great Sage Rosemary N. Thyme’s Parlor and Reading Room.” Here the cast of characters - all suspects in Thyme’s murder - gather for the reading of her will, and, during the event, try to solve the whodunnit mystery!

Conundrum House Sauder Room End of Thyme Lounge area one
Conundrum House Sauder Room Lounge Area two

The Saunders Room features a glittery gold accent wall surrounded by electric blue walls, with a large overhead skylight.  There will be a separate back room that is caterer-ready for events that need that extra service.  Across the hall is our regular game room, with all the puzzles and games for rent.

Prices for renting the space vary depending on the event and timing.  Contact for more information and reservations.

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