BePuzzled Mystery Puzzles Are Intriguing, Part 1

Looking for a new jigsaw puzzle challenge?  Why not add a little murder mystery next time? As you put the puzzle together, you’ll come across clues for the solution.  No sneak peeks! You don’t get to cheat by looking at the box cover for the final puzzle image. 

BePuzzled puzzles are unique, with many written by mystery authors or experts.  A majority of our collection is no longer published. BePuzzled was bought out in the 1980s, and the new publisher sent titles into the “out of print” list.

With over two dozen options for you to choose from, we thought it would be fun to tell you about some of the authors! For your ease of renting, we’ve included links with their puzzle titles.

Puzzles by John Lutz

BePuzzled mystery puzzle boxes by John Lutz

John Lutz is an award-winning New York Times best-selling writer.  His over 50 novels cover suspense, crime capers, private eye, thriller, and mystery.  You may recognize two books John wrote which were turned into the movies Single White Female (starring Bridget Fonda) and The Ex (for HBO). In addition, he served as president of both Mystery Writers of America and Private Eye Writers of America. 

Here’s a fun fact for you: John published his first short story in Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine in 1966.

Burning Evidence 

Double Cross

Flowers From A Stranger 

Grounds for Murder 

Murder on the Titanic 

Puzzles by Alan Robbins

BePuzzled puzzle boxes by Alan Robbins

Alan Robbins, the creator of 30 mystery puzzles, has written over 30 books in mystery, humor, design, illustrated fiction, and non-fiction.  Besides authoring blogs, his work has appeared in Newsweek, the New York Times, and dozens of other publications. While he humbly says he has “won a bunch of awards over the years,” Alan has won a Sappi Ideas That Matter grant, plus many awards and grants for writing, design, and teaching. In addition, he’s a Professor and founding director of The Design Center at Kean University.

Here are some fun facts -Alan has 30 years of experience as an interactive and game designer and has enjoyed millions of views on his YouTube channel

Curse of the Feline Pharaoh 

Final Run 

Last Chill and Testament 

Magic Bazaar 

Murder in the Year 2000 

Purr-Ceptive Detective 

Sonata for a Spy

The Glenmore Haunting 

To Kill A Lawyer 

More Authors

Want to discover other exciting tidbits about other puzzle authors?  Check out BePuzzled Mystery Puzzles, Part 2, Written By Women and BePuzzled Mystery Puzzles Written By A Range of Authors (Part 3) for the rest of the writers!

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