The Spectres are Coming to Town - AGAIN!

Spectres Season 2

Join us this May for Season 2 of Spectres of Benton County Past, a clue hunt and mystery adventure game featuring ghost stories related to historical resources in the county! 

This free-for-all-ages adventure kicks off May 7th with the mystery starting where Season 1 left off - at the Whiteside Theater.  The multi-layered stories of these places are told through historical voices -the spectres who supposedly (in fact or fiction) inhabit the locales- coupled with engaging puzzles.  Clue hunters have a week to investigate, in person or virtually, with new episodes and historic locations launched the following Saturdays (5/14, 5/21 and the grand finale where everything comes together, on 5/28).  

You, your relatives, housemates, groups, and friends have the week to investigate the resources and find the clues to that week’s mysteries. After solving the mystery, you will know where to start when you receive the next email with new clues.

Participate in three ways:

  1. Boots on the Ground – paper version, where you (and your group) physically visit the locations in Benton County using our printed game pieces stashed at each of our locations, or
  2. Boots on the Ground – mobile version accessed through a special QR code. The game is entirely available via mobile, saving you the worry of carrying paper game pieces.
  3. Virtually via our website, where the adventure happens entirely online. It’s an ideal way to play with family and friends who are remote, and share with them these amazing places surrounding you.

Season 1

“We are very excited!” says Inga Williams, Community Development at the Benton County Historic Resources Commission (HRC) when discussing the renewed contract to offer Spectres again in 2022.  Last year the HRC sponsored the program as part of National Historic Preservation Month.  

In the Spectres experience last year, players explored five historic sites -the Benton County Courthouse, the Grange on Greenberry Road, the Van Buren Bridge, the Kidder Hall, and ending at the Whiteside Theater.  

Didn’t get a chance to participate last year? Don’t worry, you’ll get the chance - Season one will be relaunched online on April 23rd, the week prior to the annual Oregon Heritage Conference.

The Oregon Heritage Conference

Every year people who are involved in preserving Oregon’s heritage gather together for a three-day event.  For 2022, the event was planned to be held in-person in Corvallis, but due to an overabundance of caution, will be held virtually.

At this year’s (now virtual) Conference, Conundrum House co-conspirators Adrienne and Mark, will join Benton County HRC commissioners Inga Williams, Jay Sexton and Nancy Taniguchi on a panel discussing last year’s event in a session called “Magical Mystery  History Clue Hunts: Bringing History to Life  for Today’s Families &  Younger Generations.”  Spectres Season 1 is relaunching for this conference, and Season 2 will be promoted to attendees who can attend in person if they are nearby or virtually when they head back home.

Join in, tell your friends!

Mark your calendars for the relaunch of Season 1 and save your Saturdays for the adventure!  Click here to sign up:

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