CLUE, The Epic Classic Who/What/Where Detective Board Game

“It was Colonel Mustard in the Study with the Candlestick!” 

Clue 1960s box and game

Does this phrase bring back memories of fun times playing detective on the classic CLUE board game?  Conundrum House is your place to relive those memories, and start new ones!  We have almost 30 versions to play - available with the Game Rentals Club or our Play All Day passes.

CLUE is one of the world’s longest-running favorite tabletop games.  It was created in the 1940s during the war by Albert Pratt.  He was former musician and English factory worker who reminisced about the country estate role-playing murder mystery party games.  To bring the fun in an easier setting, he and his wife created a board game they first called “Murder.”  

In England the game, called Cluedo, was originally published by Waddingtons, and licensed in the USA by Parker Brothers - who shortened the name to Clue.  Over the years there have been many iterations and global editions.  We have a Harry Potter version, a Simpsons version, a Dungeons & Dragons version, plus travel versions and puzzles!

Clue Great Museum Caper game board and pieces

Check out our newest acquisition, the vintage “CLUE: The Great Museum Caper, A 3-D Art Theft Mystery.” The goal of this game is for the thief to steal as many paintings as possible, while all the other players/detectives try to find the thief.  This can take as little as 30 minutes to play, or rounds with each player getting to be the thief.  This 1991 edition was honored as a 1991 “Mensa Select” and best game by Family Fun magazine.


Here’s a game that’s lots of fun,
Involving rope, a pipe, a gun,
A spanner, knife and candlestick. 
Accuse a friend and make it stick. 
(From ‘The Metro’ newspaper, 2005)


Come check out our wall of CLUE games!

Classic CLUE
Clue Classic Edition
Clue: Gift Edition in Tin
Clue: Grab & Go
Clue Suspect Card Game
Clue Mysteries
Clue (2013)
Clue (2011)  
Clue (2002)

Special Edition CLUE
Clue Master Detective
Clue Secrets & Spies
Clue Discover the Secrets
Clue Simpsons Edition
Clue: Dungeons & Dragons
Clue Harry Potter Edition

CLUE Mystery Puzzles
Clue Mystery Puzzle: The Color of Murder
Clue Mystery Puzzle: Death Foretold
Clue Mystery Puzzle: Framed for Murder
Clue Mystery Puzzle: Garden of Evil
Clue Mystery Puzzle: A Ghostly Murder
Clue Mystery Puzzle: Killers in the Kitchen
Clue Mystery Puzzle: Killer on Board
Clue Mystery Puzzle: The Masquerade Murder
Clue Mystery Puzzle: A Merry Little Murder
Clue Mystery Puzzle: Six Cases of Murder
Clue Mystery Puzzle: To Kill a Dying Man

CLUE Junior
Clue Jr. The Case of the Missing Cake
Clue Jr. The Case of the Missing Cake Special Edition (3D Pieces)
​​Clue Jr. The Case of the Hidden Toys
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