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Conundrum House

Conundrum House Games Rentals Club (2024)

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For a fraction of the cost of buying a new game, you can rent any of our titles! Choose from board games, mystery jigsaw puzzles, and other mystery, clue, detective, collaborative or escape themed games. Each month that you are a member in good standing, you get a free one-week rental.

This Club is available only to residents in the Corvallis, Oregon area - within an approximate 20-mile radius from our HQ in downtown Corvallis. 

Club members are entitled to:

  1. One FREE 7-day game rental per month. Additional rentals are $7.50/week; and
  2. Members may rent any of our new, unopened retail games, including expansions, for $7.50 a week. If the Member decides they would like to purchase that game, the rental fee may be applied to purchase of the game.

With the Annual Plan, Club Members save $20 a year as compared to the quarterly plan. Subscription Plan pricing levels are:

  • $20 per quarter ($80 annual)
  • $35 per half year ($70 annual)
  • $60/year

You also have the option to buy a GIFT MEMBERSHIP. Plan levels are the same pricing, AND when you fill in the SHIPPING OPTION be sure to put in the RECIPIENT'S INFORMATION - including their eMail address! They will be prompted at the end of the gift period to re-enter new creadit/debit card information to continue with the subscription. 

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AMembership to Conundrum House' Games Rental Club gives your gift recipient. and you, access to over 600 games, toys and take home experiences for 3 months, 6 months, or a year - depending on the plan you choose. 

Click on the "Give, and Get the Gift of Play" button above and get started today!