Calling Card, An Immersive Murder Mystery Escape Game

Calling Card escape room box and game pieces

Prepare to have your mind blown with this intriguing new murder mystery.  Calling Card is an escape game that mixes puzzles, a plot, and your technology to immerse you in a challenging experience.  This go-beyond-the-box contains mystery and enigmas, including the materials, codes, and clues you need.  But it will be your ingenuity that solves the case!

Conundrum House play instigators Adrienne and Mark love to find independently made games and mysteries and are excited to share this find!  Calling Card isn’t your typical escape room in a box. Instead, it invites you to participate on bigger levels by involving technology - “exploring websites, news, videos, or spying on security cameras. Even in some cases, you will have to use everyday tools such as your email, social networks, chats, or mobile phone.”

Calling Card’s immersive story includes eight escapes, 50+ challenging puzzles, over six mysterious envelopes, and more than twelve websites to investigate.  You can solve the mystery yourself or invite a group of friends (who are, as recommended, over the age of 14).

Insider tip: each of the eight escape chapters is timed.  You can play straight through or take breaks in between (since those are not included in the timing!)  Additionally, if you get stuck, you can ask the characters in the mystery for hints and clues.

Come to Conundrum House, rent the game, and stay and play!  Get a “Play All Day Pass” and use our exclusive Dür laCoque room, or rent the Saunders Room for bigger groups.

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