BePuzzled Mystery Puzzles (Part 2) Written By Women

 three BePuzzled boxes titles by female authors

Conundrum House is proud to celebrate female authors - especially when they’ve written intriguing mysteries to go with jigsaw puzzles. BePuzzled puzzles are unique, with many in our collection no longer published. BePuzzled was bought out in the 1980s, and the new publisher sent titles into the “out of print” list.  

These jigsaw puzzles add to the challenge by including a booklet with the mystery and not including what the finished image of the puzzle looks like on the box cover. You discover clues as you put the puzzle together! Reserve your rental today - the links are included in the puzzle titles.

Katherine Hall Page

Katherine Hall Page, an American writer of cozy mysteries, has been called a “Master of the Agatha Christie-like traditional mystery.” Katherine has written over 31 books, including the Faith Fairchild series and two series for the younger set, Christie & Company and Club Meds.

Here’s a fun fact - Katherine is the only author to be nominated for an Agatha Award in four different categories. She won Best First Novel, Best Short Story, and Best Novel and was nominated for Non-Fiction. 

The Ghost of Winthrop

Diana Dixon Healy

Diana Dixon Healy wrote two politically-oriented books in the 1980s about key people next to American presidents - the First Ladies and the number two’s, the Vice Presidents. Her work was described as sensitive yet humorous and had enough facts to keep Trivial Pursuit players happy.

She must have enjoyed writing the mystery for BePuzzled because she wrote two mysteries afterward. Two Wrongs in 2006 and a short story political mystery, The Confidante, in 2014.

Catch as Cat Can 

Patricia Lakin

Patricia Lakin is a natural for writing a BePuzzled JR title geared towards kids ages 8-12 since she was once an elementary school teacher. She has written over 50 fiction and non-fiction titles for children in kindergarten through middle school. But, as far as we know, this is her only jigsaw puzzle mystery!

The Case of the Missing Ribbons

More Authors

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