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Rental - Parcheesi - The Classic Game of India

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the Vintage Games Collection edition by MB in a wooden bookcase box.

Crack open the game and watch history come alive with the Vintage Collection! This unique series of games features all of the timeless classics that have remained family favorites over the decades!

Originating in ancient India, the PARCHEESI game has a royal history and a loyal following. Since the late 1800;s, when it was introduced to the U.S>, it's been a family favorite, and this edition brings you back with retro-looking game-board and components.

Travel the colorful path while you race, chase, block and capture. Be the first to get all 4 pawns Home and you win!


  • Wooden box with storage tray
  • Nostalgic themed gameboard
  • 16 wooden pawns in 4 colors
  • 2 dice
  • Dice Cup
  • Instructions.

Ages 6+

2-4 players.