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Conundrum House

Rental - Murder, She Wrote - The Art of Murder

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You too can be a detective, just like Jessica Fletcher! Read the booklet which sets the scene of the murder. Then piece together the jigsaw (this can be difficult as there is no picture guide!). Using the  clues in the booklet and clues hidden on the puzzle try to work out whodunnit.

Working late into the night on an ad campaign to meet a deadline, a talented young artist is slain. As the police question the most likely suspects, Jessica puts the pieces together to draw her own conclusions. Had someone painted themselves into a corner by mixing business with pleasure?

Read the short mystery story in the enclosed booklet, then assemble the 550 piece jigsaw puzzle. The mystery puzzle is different from the box cover image, making it a real treat for puzzle fiends and super sleuths! When completed, the puzzle will reveal the clues you need to solve the mystery story. The solution is printed on the back of the story booklet in reverse type  - just hold it up to a mirror to find out if you were right! 

550 piece interlocking jigsaw puzzle game. 18" x 24" 46cm x 61cm