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Parker Brothers

Rental - Mad Magazine Card Game

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There's only one word for this game.
Zany, daffy, discombobulated, frenzied, whacky, strange, warped, absurd, nutty, ridiculous, bizarre, exciting, furious, goofy, loony, balmy, screwy, vengeful, fevered, delirious, fanatical, manic, nerdacious, obsessed, insane, klutzicious, insane, demented, fantastic, quirky, foggy, bimbocious, peculiar, unconventional, nicompoopish, cunning, silly, goosy, idiotic, senseless, batty, vacant, frivolous, nonsensical, ludicrous, preposterous, whackola, dopey, outrageous, wacka-wacka, bird brained, cockeyed, extravagant hilarious, yecch, odd garbanza, erratic, all of the above
And there's only one way to win! Lose your cards without losing your mind