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Rental - Immune

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A virus has entered the human body and infected one major organ. Unfortunately, the original strain has mutated and gained the ability to infect other three major organs. The virus will overwhelm the human body unless all players wisely cooperate to direct the body’s immune response. Only then will you be immune.

Immune is a light-medium weight, cooperative game for one to six players. Each game has a different setup that includes three difficulty levels, different viral threats each with its own stats, a subset of the disease symptoms and a different spatial array of the immune actions.

Each player’s turn consists of three phases: viral replication, energy allocation and immune actions. Viral replication will gradually increase the viral presence in four major organs, sometimes triggering debilitating disease symptoms. The immune response consists of 9 different actions that have variable strength according to the energy allocated to them. Players must maturate their capabilities, as well as deploy once-per-game abilities at the right time.

The game continues until either the virus conquers the human body or the immune system defeats the virus when the original strain is removed from the board.