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Conundrum House

Rental - Huaxia Creature, 1000 pc Round Puzzle - Conundrum House

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Bgraamiens, Brain games takes pride in the quality of their puzzles. From beautiful designs to the puzzles pieces themselves. We are always trying our best to collect different kinds of pictures in order share these discoveries of beauty to our friends, who are really appreciate all beautiful and challenge things in life.

The discovery of Dunhuang literatures in China Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes in 1900 shocked the academic world in both China and the West. These Dunhuang literatures are precious heritage in studying the historical culture of China, the culture of Central Asia and even the civilization of the world. From 1907 to 1909, lot’s of Western archaeologists and explorers tried to ship these documents out from China by all means, so that Dunhuang documents in Mogao Grottoes scattered in other countries including the Britain, France, Japan, Russia and the United States. Before the 20th century, a comprehensive subject centering on Dunhuang Grotto art and the theories of Dunhuang studies has formed, named Dunhuangology. Dunhuang Grottoes is a synthetical art combined with architecture, painted statues and murals. The forms and frameworks of the buildings vary with the change of their contents and functions.

In order to let people who are fond of art and puzzle at the same time know more about different cultures and civilizations of the world, Bgraamiens created this Dunhuang Culture series Puzzle. We chose 3 representative and classic animal elements from Dunhuang Murals---Peacock, Dragon, Deer.


Jigsaw puzzle:1000PCS
Finished Size:26.6 x 26.6 inch
Package Size:9.25*9.25*2 inch