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Rental - Enigma: Crime Scene

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Enigma: Crime Scene is a replayable crime investigation game that can be played competitively, cooperatively or imposter mode.

In this version, you will find 2 fully replayable scenarios with unique competents such as a monocle to examine and compare the suspect's tracks, a crime scene, and different locations, in which you can use technology (virtual reality) or not - it is not necessary to use a device to play.


New York, May of 1919, following several unsolved crimes, the secret society "Shallob" was born to investigate these mysterious murders.

The events occurred in different parts of the world - London, New York, Chicago and Sicily - and were on the front page of the most important newspapers in each country.


Despite the years spent trying to solve them efficiently, these crimes continue to be submerged in a sea of shadows. We have decided to recruit the best agents  in each county, and this is how we have found you...