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The Perfect Notebook

Rental - Dan Ariely's Irrational Game

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  • In a tug of war, did tuggers put more effort or less effort into tugging when they were on a team compared to when they tugged as individuals
  • In grocery stores, were people more likely to buy a jar of jam if they could sample from among 6 flavors or 24 flavors
  • Includes 105 thought-provoking questions backed up by scientific research
  • Sparks great discussions that can change the way players make real-life decisions
  • Who looked happier after winning Olympic medals—bronze medalists or silver medalists?
  • Did late pick-ups increase or decrease after the daycare instituted a fine for tardiness?

Human nature is a funny thing, so it’s no surprise that we’re not always rational.

In this thought provoking, fun, and engaging game, players second-guess human nature by predicting decisions people will make in unique situations. The answers are backed up by research, and each card explains why we act the way we do. But the best part is the discussions it sparks . . . and the way players can use the insights in the game to understand how they make decisions, and to make better decisions that will enrich their lives.