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Parker Brothers

Rental - Clue Mystery Puzzle: Framed for Murder

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Read the story, assemble the puzzle, find the clues, solve the mystery. One 500 piece jigsaw puzzle, a short murder mystery story featuring all six Clue characters. A special Clue decoding magnifying glass to reveal the solution. A puzzle with a puzzling mystery and lots of fun!

The Juicy Plot

Dr. David Black possesses what his six close friends most desire - a long-lost paining by a master artist. Black has arranged a party at which he will unveil the artwork, and only his six close friends are invited to witness it. Knowing they all covet it, he revels in owning the masterpiece. But none of the six feel he deserves to have it. So someone steps forward to make sure Black doesn't own it for long! Who shot Black before the private art show was over?

NOTE: The pictures on the box are NOT the picture on the puzzle.

Difficulty Level: Moderate 
Age: 12+ 
Play by yourself or with friends and family.