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Parker Brothers

Rental - Clue Mystery Puzzle: A Ghostly Murder

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Read the story, assemble the puzzle, find the clues, solve the mystery. One 500 piece jigsaw puzzle, a short murder mystery story featuring all six Clue characters. A special Clue decoding magnifying glass to reveal the solution. A puzzle with a puzzling mystery and lots of fun!

The Juicy Plot

Dr. David Black has committed suicide - or so it seems. Now his six friends gather to hear his final words on videotape made before his death. They soon find out that one of them could be a murderer!

According to Black, they must search the Tudor Close to discover a hidden box with a clue to the real killer inside it. Their mission: find the box or forfeit their inheritance! As they search, a ghost seems to search along with them. Who haunts Tudor Close? Who hastened Black's demise?

NOTE: The pictures on the box are NOT the picture on the puzzle.

Difficulty Level: Moderate 
Age: 12+ 
Play by yourself or with friends and family.