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Rental - BePuzzled: Inspector Cross - A Classic Case of Murder

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An Inspector Cross Mystery Jigsaw Puzzle Thriller

Read the short story. Assemble the puzzle. Search for clues. Solve the Mystery!

Meet Inspector Cross!

Inspector Cross, from a very young age, was intrigued by mysteries. He was introduced to the pleasures of crime solving by his hero, Sherlock Holmes, and his grandfather, a retired police captain.

After joining the police force, the Inspector earned an impeccable reputation among crime aficionados. He became one of the world's leading experts in finding the cerebral solution to the mysteries that defied all police science. Now it's your
chance to match wits with the best!

Solve a Jigsaw Puzzle and a Baffling Mystery!

bePUZZLED® mystery jigsaw games are an exciting way for you to play detective! You solve an original whodunit by finding clues in both a mystery story and a jigsaw puzzle.
First, read the entertaining short story. Next, assemble the jigsaw puzzle to reveal the rest of the clues. Then, see if you're as clever a detective as the Inspector!

Death in Your Own Driveway!

Victoria Teasdale never knew what hit her. She was within the safety of her home, awaiting the arrival of her loving husband. She was ready to celebrate the purchase of the newest addition to his collection of classic cars: a rare 1936 Cord.
But Derek was late. So late that she passed the time by writing letters to friends. Wanting to be sure to catch the morning mail pickup, she went out into the warm night, crossing her driveway to the mailbox on the other side.
Suddenly, there was the roar of a powerful V-8 engine and in one terrible tick of time, the rich and happy world of Victoria Teasdale came to an end.
At least, that was the story her husband told. Nothing more than an accident, he said, and everyone including the local police believed him. Their hearts went out to the bereaved husband who bore the responsibility of killing his own wife.
But then, Derek Teasdale had another misfortune. He met another lover of classic cars, a very perceptive man named Inspector Cross. The Inspector took a good hard look at the "accident" scene and came up with an amazing one-word
conclusion, and that word was "Murder!"

This box contains:

"A Classic Case of Murder," an original short mystery story and the solution written in mirror type.
A 23" x29" full-color, 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle and a resealable puzzle pouch.
Note: The puzzle image is different from the box cover.

If you love the challenge of a great mystery and a great puzzle, look for other editions of bePUZZLED® and INSPECTOR CROSS mystery crossword puzzles.

About the Author

Henry Slesar has published more than 450 short stories and half a dozen mystery novels. He wrote more scripts for Alfred Hitchcock than any other writer, and is the winner of two Edgar Awards as well as a television Emmy.

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ISBN #0922242429

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