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Rental - BePuzzled 500: The Case of the Missing Links

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The Story First read the short mystery story in the enclosed booklet. You'll learn all about the circumstances and suspects surrounding the crime. But beware! There may be misleading information mixed in with hard evidence.

The Puzzle Assemble the 500-piece puzzle. The clues it reveals will help lead you to the identity of the culprit.

The Solution When you're convinced that you've nailed the killer, check your detective work by looking at the solution in the back of the story booklet. It's printed in reverse type, just hold it up to a mirror to read it. But first, study the clues carefully.

A sporting challenge for puzzle people!

BePuzzled mystery jigsaw games challenge players to solve an original whodunit story by matching literal clues in the mystery with visual clues revealed in the puzzle. Read the story. Assemble the puzzle. And see if you can deduce
who committed the dastardly deed.

A slice of murder with a mysterious hook ...

This tropical tale of celebrity murder and greed on the golf course takes place in Hawaii, where the Geyser Springs Mixed Pro-Am tournament is being televised to a national audience. The course is regarded by professionals as being among the toughest in the world, with lava pits and thermal geysers making it both beautiful and deadly.
The tournament goes well until sportscaster and former golf pro Brad Trunk is blasted into a boiling mud pit by a scalding spout of geothermal water from the Big Geyser on the ninth hole. A tragic ending for Trunk, made more so by the fact that he was bearing the tournament's Grand Prizes - a pair of platinum golf tee cufflinks studded with three carat diamond golf balls, and the deed to Geyser Springs itself.
Who killed Brad Trunk? Why would anyone want the former touring pro dead? And who pilfered the tournament's Grand Prizes? It's up to you to identify the fiend roaming the fairways, and solve "The Case of the Missing Links.

This box contains:
"The Case of the Missing Links," an original short mystery story, with the solution written in mirror type.
A 20" x20", full-color, 500-piece jigsaw puzzle and a resealable puzzle pouch.
Note: The puzzle image is different from the image on the box cover.

About the Author

Christopher King is a producer of audio visual programs and the author of videos featuring Sherlock Holmes and the macabre characters of Edgar Allan Poe. His books for children include "The Firehawk" and "The Boy Who Ate the Moon"

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Ages 12 to adult.