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Conundrum House

Rental - 13 Dead End Drive by MiltonBradley

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 The Mystery Game with 12 suspects, 5 traps and Only 1 Survivor!

Can you stay alive at 13 Dead End Drive?

Everyone's gathered at Aunt Agetha's mansion for the reading of her will. But only one of the 12 invited guests will inherit her fabulous wealth - the one who survives 13 Dead End Drive! Who will it be? Her cat? Her chef? Her Best friend? The answer's in the cards...and in the traps! Play cards to knock off your opponents with the 5 special traps! Watch out for the trip down the stairs, the crashing chandelier, the push off the ladder, the smashing statue and the flip into the fireplace. If you are the guest to survive, you'll win!

For ages 9 and Up

2 to 4 players


  • 3-D mansion game board with plastic stairs, fireplace, chandelier, bookcase, statue and portrait frame
  • 13 cardboard pawns with plastic strands
  • 54 cards
  • 13 plastic clips
  • Rubber band
  • 3 cardboard parts sheets
  • Label Sheets
  • Instructions