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Kadabra Magic Academy

Learn Magic! Ages 7-12 | Offered by Kadabra Magic Academy

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Classes are held Saturdays from 1:00 - 2:00 p.m. 

April 13th and 20th, May 4th, 11th, 18th, 25th and June 1st and 8th.

Registration Ends April 10th.

Magic, and Games, and Puzzles, Oh My!

Kadabra Magic Academy is more than just learning magic tricks. This program includes amazing games, puzzles, and activities that will make your child squeal in delight as they make new friends and gain new confidence in themselves. 


This spring camp will feature the Orange Wand course. What you see is what is included in the summer camp. Each magic trick comes with a full-color instruction sheet and all props.

There is nothing extra to purchase


Each camp is filled with exciting games for the campers to play together. Each child is part of a team that competes with others in hilarious games of skill that help foster team-work and build life-long friendships.


Each camp includes 8 easy-to-master magic tricks that allows each child the ability to perform something special that set's them apart. Magic teaches preparation, thinking ahead, speaking to others, and many other life skills necessary for success in the future. 


So what happens when camp is over! The fun and learning continue, of course. Each camper is given the key (see pic below) to the video vault at Discover Magic. They can watch and learn about the tricks they just learned and also some new magic tricks. There are tons of videos for you and your child to watch over and over again so you always remember the magic you shared.

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Meet the Instructor

Richard Kennedy


Richard Kennedy | Owner and Founder of Kadabra Magic Academy

Magic has been my greatest journey. 

I've been performing magic, illusions, and comedy professionally since 1981. My first introduction into magic was a kids magic set gifted by my grandmother on my 7th birthday. The 'Magic Bug' bit me hard, and I was soon spending multiple hours at the local library every day studying every magic book I could get my hands on.

I've been teaching magic to children for over 30 years and it is without a doubt my greatest joy. When we're young everything is Magic... birds flying, flowers growing, the sun setting. But as we age Magic is explained to us and nothing seems magical anymore. My joy as a teacher is to bring back that sense of wonder to everyone who forgot that Magic still exists in everything if you look closely enough. 

Will you join me?