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Hard-Boiled MYSTERIES - Authors and Sleuths Quiz Deck (Collectible-Out of Print)

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Detective. Sleuth. Gumshoe. Private Eye. For nearly a century, mystery writers have been hammering out hard-hitting tales featuring these flawed, fascinating, often quirky characters—including more than a few no-nonsense gals—who don't shy away from danger in their pursuit of the bad guys. From their beginnings in 1920s pulp magazines, hard-boiled detective stories have presented a gritty, often violent view of crime, and their private eye protagonists are as tough as the crooks they seek to foil. In this quiz deck of 48 cards, the Library of Congress and Mystery Writers of America have teamed up to test the knowledge of every aficionado of the yearns of Raymond Chandler, Dashiell Hammett, and their fellow masters, and mistresses, of the genre. 

These cards are Out-of-Print so every one we have is a collectible, still in brand new condition!