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Rental - Coding with Scratch Workbook

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Challenge the Junior Programmer in your family!

This book is chock-full of challenges and guides to enable junior programmers to get a fantastic grounding in the arcane skill and mystery of programming and coding!

Using the renowned coding platform 'Scratch' developed at M.I.T. and adopted the world over by educators and STEM and STEAM centers to bring programming complex applications within reach of everyone, with a simple modular graphical drag and drop assembly methodology - without diluting the underlying principles of sound program design and logical thinking!

The 'Scratch' application is free to download onto your computer, and is explained in this book. 

The projects progress from basic ground-laying tutorials to engaging games and challenges that will provide endless opportunities to learn and explore, test and discover, and encourages experimenting and customizing.

Projects- Games - Animations- Challenges!

Includes Game and 30 Reusable coding pieces.

Note - while the style is eminently suitable for younger folks, the content is sound and will allow anyone to quickly grasp and develop their 'Scratch' programming chops. The principles being taught are by no means child's play, nor watered down - Scratch is a full blown programming language and environment, and will give anyone a sound foundation in this mystical and arcane art of Programming!