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Rental - BePuzzled 500: Catch as Cat Can

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The Story: Before you begin to assemble the puzzle, read the story of Catch as Cat Can in the enclosed booklet. You'll learn all about how Jessica the cat came to be part of Grace Morrow's life, and about the once-in-a-lifetime trip Grace and Emily are planning... a trip that may be too good to be true.

Assemble the 500-piece interlocking jigsaw puzzle and see what it reveals. The clues it contains will help you to see why Jessica was so stand-offish with M. deSimplon. Beware the puzzle is different from the cover!

The Solution. Ready to see if your instincts are as good as Jessica's? You'll find the solution to this story in the back of the booklet. It's written in mirror type. Just hold the booklet up to a mirror and read the answer in the glass. But don't peak until you've decided you know what the cat discovered. Study the clues carefully, and the answer won't puzzle you anymore than it did the fluffy feline.

Story by Diana Dixon Healy

Ages 12 to adult.