Murderous Cats!

meme of cat "cleaning the murder mittens"
"Cleaning the murder mittens" - any cat lover will understand (and maybe even if you abhor kitties) the danger in feline claws!! Want to explore cat-related mysteries, in a less scratch-worthy way? Check out these two titles from our rental library:
The Cat mystery game rental
THE CAT | "Spencer Dye is being targeted by the serial arsonist known only as "The Cat," which means one thing – her life could go up in flames at any moment. To save herself, Spencer has only one option: find the connection she shares with The Cat. Then – and only then – will she stand a chance of stopping them. Can you help Sullivan and Spencer extinguish a burning grudge that spans decades?"
Catch as Cat Can BePuzzled jigsaw rental
CATCH AS CAT CAN | "Read the short mystery story by Diane Dixon Healy (1988 vintage). Piece together the jigsaw puzzle! Find the clues in both and solve the mystery. It explores the incredible instincts that felines have about people and situations. Has Jessica the cat sniffed out a scam? It's up to you to find out!"
Curse of the Feline Pharoah BePuzzled jigsaw
CURSE OF THE FELINE PHARAOH | Archaeologist Dr. Hallowell becomes obsessed with solving a 12,000-year-old murder. But first, he must find the secret of the cat goddess, believed to be a true Pharaoh during the 11th Dynasty.
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