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Fervent Workshop

What Lies Beneath - choose your own adventure.

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You awaken in a crypt, your past a haze.

Outwit magical adversaries, find a cure for a mysterious disease, rediscover your own identity, and defeat those who caused your unfortunate situation.

Or die trying.

13 unique endings where you live. Dozens where you die.

Replay again and again.

Structured as a branching narrative, What Lies Beneath invites you to direct the plot - but only if you master a unique combination of game mechanisms. Enjoy all the challenges of solo roleplay:

  •   Buffing your character: Gain items that unlock new powers
  •   Classic skill checks: Roll against thresholds to hit enemies
  •   Intellectual puzzles: Manipulate dice using limited actions
  •   Dexterity tests (optional): Flick dice at specified targets

And when (not if) you die, you can spend experience points to boost your next character. Perhaps, this time, you will survive.