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Rental - The Crusoe Crew, a Cooperative Graphic Novel Adventure

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In The Crusoe Crew, you'll work together with the other players to explore islands, solve puzzles, and find rubies, pearls, and statuettes that will allow you to buy items for the next session! The Crusoe Crew is for 1-4 players ages 7 and up, and one adventure you won't soon forget!


Hunt for Rubies, Pearls, and Statuettes in Your Own Book!

In The Crusoe Crew, each player will choose one of Robinson Crusoe’s four children — each with their own special talent — and have their own book!

Since your father is sick, you are going to have to be the ones to do the treasure hunting this week. You'll hunt for rubies, pearls, and valuable statuettes on one of several surrounding islands.

You'll need to work together and be especially aware of hidden numbers and paths that are unique to your character!

You'll have to work together to find the most treasure and achieve a great score! You can choose to play as any one of the following characters - pick one when playing solo, and play again as one of the others - the adventure is different for each character! Or play again with 3 different friends, and pick a different character yourself - it will be fun to see the new perspective!

YOU pick one of these four: 

  • Neta You are a bright and nimble lad with incredible agility. You can climb trees, slip through narrow passages, and scale cliffs that your teammates can't. With your abilities you can reach almost anything!

  • Kik You are a tough guy armed with explosives and a sledge hammer. Use your tools to knock down walls and break into safes!

  • Sarah You are a capable adventurer who can also talk to animals. Wherever you go your faithful panther Purr, whose's sense of smell may come in handy, will be by your side.

  • Gabby. You are the queen of puzzles. An expert at solving puzzles and riddles, you get extra clues for solving them!

You can play with any combination of characters and the game scales to account for it. So grab a friend, your family, or even sit down by yourself to experience all this game has to offer!

Check out this page for more details and examples of game play.