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Conundrum House

Murder Mystery Party (Hosted at Conundrum House)

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Being someone else, even for a cozy and mysterious 3 hours, can be intellectually and emotionally stimulating! We LOVE playing a suspect, witness, or a sleuth in all kinds of mystery gaming experiences - from the lite versions that don't need any prep time to play, to our original Black Ink Mysteries that give you a chance to be someone else for more than the time we spend on Game Day! 

THIS OPTION of bookcase games are designed to be played around a dinner table, and do not include any character prep. They feature 3 main question and answer rounds, interspersed with clues and short scripted dialogue exchanges.

You get an invitation that contains your character name and a brief description of your character, along with those of the other characters.

LARP Immersion Level: Light
# Characters: 6-10 (depends on the Title you choose)
Pre-Event Package: Invitation w/brief description of all the characters
Lead Time Recommended: 4-7 days to invite friends, assemble your costume, arrange for catering or potluck setup.