Being someone else, even for a cozy and mysterious 3 hours, can be intellectually and emotionally stimulating! We LOVE playing a suspect, witness, or a sleuth in all kinds of mystery gaming experiences - from the lite versions that don't need any prep time to play, to our original Black Ink Mysteries that give you a chance to be someone else for more than the time we spend on Game Day! Check out our offerings below.

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bePuzzled's Murder Mystery Party (liteLARP)

These games are designed to be played around a dinner table, and do not include any character prep. They feature 3 main question and answer rounds, interspersed with clues and short scripted dialogue exchanges.

You get an invitation that contains your character name and a brief description of your character, along with those of the other characters.

LARP Immersion Level: Light
# Characters: 6-9 or more (variable)
Pre-Event Package: Invitation w/brief description of all the characters
Lead Time Recommended: 1 day, more to assemble your costume


Conundrum House Co-Conspirators, Adrienne Fritze and Mark van der Pol, along with a team of other talented writers, editors, and designers create original story lines, game materials and props for our Black Ink Mysteries line of mystery / whodunit LARPs.

LARP Immersion Level: Moderate to Intense
# Characters: 12 to 100
Pre-Event Package: Dossier Packet that includes:
> Character name and biography
> Character secrets and motives
> Level of criminality
> Relationship to other Characters
> Physical props specific to your Character
> Password Protected Character Repository (for All Virtual version)
Lead Time Recommended: 2-4 weeks

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Black Ink Mysteries Originals

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The End of Thyme

CURRENTLY AVAILABLE. We have 3 versions:
> DIY - Everything you need to host this at home or work is included in the package.
> DELUXE - We deliver the props and play materials, and consult with the hostess/host to prepare for Game Day. You are assigned a Game Master, who will work with you via Zoom, to make sure everything goes along smoothly the day of your event. (Dates must be scheduled with the Game Master)
> ALL VIRTUAL - Everything is delivered online! Each player gets their own secret Character webpage to use as a prep tool as well as during the Game Day play. 

bePuzzled's Murder Mystery Party

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Murder on the Grill

You and your guests find yourselves at the Kansas City home of Tom Dooley for a sizzling backyard cookout and some fabulous party fun.

Too bad poor Tom gets iced over his hot grill - and you may be a suspect.

How low will you go?

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A Slice of Murder

Painton Place is an 18th-century house, built by Sir John Painton, the first baronet, in Rutting-on-the-Rise, a beautiful if isolated corner of Norfolk, England.

It’s just the place to spend a couple of days on a cooking holiday – a Weekend Mini-Bake, as it’s advertised. But the rural tranquility is shattered when celebrity chef Francis “Franny” Craddock is found dead, late Saturday night. Particularly when it turns out he’s been murdered.

Suspicion falls on the guests, but who would have wanted to kill him? And what does this have to do with the legendary Painton Plunder, supposedly brought back from India by the eccentric fourth baronet, Sir Richard Painton?

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The Champagne Murders

Groovy, baby! It’s 1967, and England still swings like a pendulum.

You’re spending the weekend with some of the brightest faces in Britain at the Chelsea home of Lord Michael Jagged. What could be more hip and happening? But as you gather for dinner on Sunday evening, the shocking news is brought to you by Austin McClue: Lord Michael is dead. Maybe even murdered. And if he was murdered, one – or more – of you was responsible.

Your task is to identify the murderer. Or, of course, to evade detection.