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And what, pray tell, is an Immersion Room? If you are familiar with escape rooms, like our friend's amazing play space over at Escape Corvallis, our rooms are a bit similar in that they are themed, and you are presented with puzzling scenarios and situations to work your way through. However, that is where the similarity stops. In our rooms you are not timed, you are simply presented with games like Hunt-A-Killer serial killer cases for you to solve, or the Noir detective adventures from Mysterious Package Company, and many, many others. 

The rooms are included in our $5 Play All Day passes - so you can play Spot It for a while, break and go to lunch then come back and solve a murder, get some snacks at the snack bar, and finish off your playtime in the Alexa Room escaping from the Werewolves! 

The Dür laCoque Private Detective Agency

Cold cases are the heartbeat of this immersive game room. When you enter into Dür's space you become the intrepid detective yourself, or one of his talented partners working together to solve a cold case. There are several kinds of cases tucked away in the filing cabinet, just wiating for someone, or a team of someone's to come solve the case.

The Alexa Room

Yes, we are talking Amazon's Alexa for this room! And many other forms of media as well! In the Alexa Room you can play a murder mystery with Alexa, following your progress on a game board, and working with Alexa to chat with witnesses, and gather clues to solve the crime in St Noire. Alexa also sports 3 escape games, complete with a board to follow along, as well as a subscription to all of Alexa's escape games.

You will also discover books, magazines, quitisenntial TV programs and movies like Perry Mason, Miss Marple, Nancy Drew, and much more here.

Tabletop game tables and a library that includes:
> Tabletop RPGs
> Hunt-a-Killer serial & one-off mysteries
> Mysterious Package Company's Post Mortem murder mystery series; and one crated horror experience
> Classic, but unusual, board games like chess, scrabble, tic-tac-toe and more
> popular games like Wingspan, Roots, Catan, et al
> Unidragon, Pomegranite, murder mystery jigsaw puzzles
> card games

Pick up a pass today and come find out for yourself all the ways you can Play at Conundrum House!

All-Day Game Room Passes
All-Day Game Room Passes
All-Day Game Room Passes
All-Day Game Room Passes

All-Day Game Room Passes


Come and go all day or just stay all day and play! Buy a pass, or pay at the door, for a full day of gameplay and intrigue. Includes any of our tabletop games, immersion rooms, and puzzles. Graze at our snack bar with popcorn, Cracker Jacks, chips, flavored Polar seltzer water, Ghirardelli chocolate bites, and more!

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