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Professor Puzzle

The Einstein Collection

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Einstein Challenge

In 1905 Einstein’s extraordinary thinking and unique perspective changed the way we viewed space, time, and energy. He also opened the world’s eyes to the power of his phenomenal brain. Few people on this planet wouldn’t know that name, recognize his image, or associate him with superior intelligence. So, what better muse to inspire a collection of puzzles … and what better way to test our own brainpower than to try to solve them?

There are four puzzles in this collection: the  Fiddle, Equation, Infinity and Magic Squares. Inspired by Einstein’s fiddle, Lina, his influential E=mc2 equation, and his mathematical brilliance. Can you master this collection of wooden and metal puzzles, each one as enigmatic and complex as the great man himself?

 Einstein believed that playing instruments, exploring nature and indeed solving puzzles. were as valid expressions of intellect as memorizing lines from a textbook.