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Unidragon Wooden Puzzle: Mysterious Lion

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The huge red sun slowly descends over the hot earth. This is his kingdom, from this rock to the horizon. He is the king here. Just look into his eyes; they are like molten gold. How much wisdom and knowledge there is in his eyes.

Strength and power are his companions. Because to survive in the African savannah is not easy. He is the king of animals—the Mysterious Lion.

His task is to maintain the circle of life. At sunset, life in these harsh lands is just beginning. Lionesses go hunting, hyenas laugh in the distance, and shy antelopes run. A watering rhino slowly steps, and even a hiding crocodile fears it. Loyal friends of Meerkat and Warthog live here, and they all have Hakuna Matata.

The wooden puzzle Mysterious Lion is filled with the spirit of Africa. In the mane of the lion are aboriginal masks, mysterious symbols, and, of course, the animals and birds themselves. The assembly of the puzzle will turn into an exciting journey to this hot continent.

Size S - 7.5" x9.5" 106 pcs - below average complexity, assembly time 1-2 hours.

Size M - 9.7" x12.5" 192 pcs - average complexity, assembly time 2-4 hours.

King Size  - 12.2" x15.7" 327 pcs - high complexity, assembly time 4-6 hours.

Royal Size  - 17" x 22" 700 pcs - high complexity, assembly time 6-8 hours.