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Unfolding Magnetic Magic Cube

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Graphic Design

It looks like a diminutive 3" cube - colorful and vibrant, but otherwise unremarkable.

As do most of our manipulative toys, this one has a secret life, as well! 

It is constructed out of triangular pieces that can be folded into a cube, and refolded  inside-out into a rhomboid dodecahedron! And fold and vary into over 70 other shapes in the transformation process from one into the other!

It is one of a constellation of mathematical models that can be folded and reconfigured, and many examples and paper models abound in the literature.

What is splendidly inventive in this particular implementation is that it is made of durable plastic so will withstand endless hours of fidgeting and folding and unfolding.

BUT THAT IS NOT ALL - there are a total of 36 rare-earth magnets inside the triangular components so that the various configurations click and stay in place.

And there is more! If you get additional cubes they can be arranged and merged into ever more expansive and complex shapes.

There are a number of designs variations available, so select the one you want, or get them all!