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There's Been a Murder - A Collaborative Card Game of Death and Deduction

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There’s been a murder, and you and your friends must work together to solve it! In this fully cooperative social deduction game, players use their cards to determine who holds the Murderer card in their hand. Action and Effect Cards give players clues, but be careful – if you can’t work together, the Murderer will escape your discovery! 

  • Work together as detectives to bring the Murderer to justice!
  • Easy-to learn social deduction game that’s different each time you play it
  • Players use the unique effects of their cards to discover and communicate who they think is holding the Murderer card
  • Don’t let the Murderer escape or everyone loses!
  • Recommended for 3-8 players, ages 14 and up

Game includes 9 Effect Cards, 15 Action Cards, 1 Reference Guide and Complete Instructions. 

Players use the Action and Effect Cards and follow the prompts to find clues and try to discover who holds the Murderer card. Strategize together or the Murderer may escape justice!

If you play the Detective card and force the Murderer card to be discarded, or if the Murderer and Informant cards end up in one player's hand, you win the game! Score your game based on how many cards are left in the deck. Play again and see if you can improve your ranking on the scoring chart!