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Oregon State University

The Oregon Coast QUEST Book - Ed 2023-24

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A Book of Quests!

30 Quests along the Oregon Coast and Corvallis. 

Quests are fun and educational clue-directed hunts that encourage exploration of communities and natural areas. In this self-guided activity, Questors follow a map and find a series of clues to reach a hidden box. The box contains a small guest book, a stamp pad , a unique rubber stamp, and additional information about the Quest site.

Participants sign the guest book to record their find, and make an imprint of the Quest Box stamp in the back of their clue book as proof of accomplishment. Then they return the box to its hiding spot for the next person to find. The location of the clues and box remain a secret so others can share the fun. Oregon Coast Quest clues and boxes stay in place year round.

Questing is an ideal place-based activity for individuals, small groups, and families. By turning a walk into a treasure hunt, children often race ahead of their parents instead of lagging behind. Through Quests, important areas of natural, cultural, and/or historical significance are shared. Furthermore, both those who go on Quests and those who create Quests for others gain pride and a sense of stewardship for their community's special places.

Sea Grant Oregon logo - publisher of the Oregon Coast Quest Book - 2021-22 edition, for sale at Conundrum House, Corvallis, Oregon.
In 2007, Oregon Sea Grant brought Questing to Oregon, through the formation of the Oregon Coast Quests Program. This book is republished every two years to include new Quests and updates to existing ones. Also, occasionally some Quests are retired.


Includes 30 Quests in Clatsop, Tillamook, Lincoln, Lane, Coos, Curry and Benton Counties. Includes 4 new quests for this edition!

Families can enjoy these Quests together, but for individual Questors, we recommend age 10+ 

Please check this website for updates or corrections - these quests are occurring in public parks and recreation areas, and from time to time, parks are closed for maintenance or seasonal repairs, or other reasons. This website has the latest information. There may also be updates to the quests themselves - errors or omissions in printing, or changes to the site itself.