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Midnight Tower

The Mystery of the Cursed Statuette - RPG 5E compatible

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The Mystery of the Cursed Statuette is a detective mystery adventure inspired by Sherlock Holmes for the fifth edition of the world's greatest roleplaying game.

Also includes the Magpie Secret Society Compendium.

Are you the heroes who will join Winterhold’s Private Detective Agency and help them solve the case of the stolen figurine?
Search for clues, interview witnesses, and roam the foggy streets at night to unravel the plot!

In the dead of the night, a burglary takes place at the Halls of Lore in Winterhold, and a small porcelain figurine is stolen.

Since the town’s guard is busy with a series of kidnappings, Sergeant Aramina Thornberry is looking for a group of private detectives who can help her solve the crime.

However, the investigation soon turns into a deadly chase. Before it is over, the characters will come across a cursed statuette, secret societies – and a dangerous primordial demon.

Can you solve the case before more blood is spilled on Winterhold’s foggy streets?

➛The adventure The Mystery of the Cursed Statuette
➛ The Magpie Secret Society, a compendium
➛ Bespoke vintage character sheets with illustrations inspired by Sherlock Holmes
➛ Six premade characters so that you can start the game straight away