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Conundrum House

Teens Bounskee Tournament! Info and Sign up! Special Promotion - FREE!

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UPDATED - Entry fee waived for promotional consideration.

Inaugural Corvallis Open Bounskee Classic Tournament at Conundrum House

Looking for the Adult Signup? Adult (18+) Tournament

The tournament is now being offered free of charge - AND it will be video recorded for promotional purposes. Participants agree to being on video for promotional use by Bounskee and/or Conundrum House.


Classic Bounskee is like competitive tabletop Skeeball played with ping-pong balls (official rules below). It is a new sport that combines luck and skill in a unique way. And since most people have never even heard of it, anyone can win one of the AWESOME PRIZES!

We will have two separate tournaments - one for adults (18+) on Saturday, April 27 and one for teens (12-17) on Sunday, April 28 (official schedule and prizes below). Youth under 16 years old must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Bounskee player and two tabletop Bounskeee games.

The tournament is a 16 player double elimination tournament - contestants are not eliminated until they lose two bouts.

If more than 16 participants are entered (for each day), a qualification round will be held - all contestants will need to qualify in a simple high score contest. Each player’s qualification score is determined by shooting 10 consecutive balls. The 16 highest scorers qualify and will continue to the tournament.

For the tournament, competitors will face off one to one in a bout of Classic Bounskee. The winner of each bout advances to the next level. Since this is a double elimination tournament, a player is still in until they lose TWO bouts.

The rules for a bout of Classic Bounskee are as follows:

  • Players alternate who shoots first each round. A coin toss at the start of the bout will determine who starts for Round 1.
  • Players must shoot from the official playing distance- which is 6 feet from the Bounskee backboard (will be marked with tape on the floor, and feet must be behind the tape).
  • Players may bounce the balls on the table or shoot directly for the holes.
  • The winner of each round is determined by who has the higher score with 5 balls.
  • If a ball stops to rest on the 100 point ledge, a player may attempt to knock it through if they have any remaining balls. Otherwise, it counts as 10 points.
  • If a round results in a tie, that round is repeated with one less ball- starting with the same player until there is a round winner.
  • The first player to win 3 rounds wins the bout!
  • Only official Bounskee Tournament balls will be used.
  • Scoring will be done by Qualified Bounskee Officials.

See how shots are scored below (balls that completely miss count as zero).

Bounskee Deluxe Gameboard illustrating point scoring system.

The Prizes (for each day)

Grand Prize

One Bounskee Deluxe Classic Edition with a Limited Edition Tournament Backboard. ($180 cash value) 

Second Place

One Bounskee Deluxe Classic Edition with a Limited Edition Tournament Backboard. ($180 cash value)

Third Place

One Bounskee Basic Plus Classic Edition with a Limited Edition Tournament Backboard. ($140 cash value)

Also, Fourth to Sixteenth place will get a unique 25% off code towards any Bounskee Purchase and a Conundrum House play pass. ($5 value)

Tournament Schedule

12-1 Qualifications

1:30 Tournament Bracket Posting

2:00 First Bout

4:00 Quarter Finals

5:00 Semi Finals

5:30 Finals

Players not present by the end of qualifications, or at their designated bout time may be disqualified.