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La-Tour Eiffel - Paris, 3D Puzzle

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Discover unique puzzle fun in the third dimension with 3D Puzzles from Ravensburger! With uniquely curved, hinged and flat pieces, you can create stunning 3D replicas of well-known structures, vehicles, or even your shoe! Choose from a famous landmark like the elegant Eiffel Tower or impressive Empire State Building, or take a spin around the world with one of our globes or a scale model of the Lamborghini Huracan EVO.

Thanks to our Easy Click Technology, the sturdy plastic puzzle pieces fit together perfectly - no glue required! Easy to clean, the image is printed directly on each piece ensuring there is no delaminating or peeling. Find your favorite new puzzle from our vast selection of 3D puzzles!

From the Manufacturer

Construct a famous landmark with this new technology in interlocking puzzle pieces. With uniquely curved, hinged and flat plastic pieces, you can create stunning 3D replicas of well-known structures around the world. It’s different to any other 3D puzzling experience, sturdy when completed, easy-clean surface, no delaminating, no peeling and best of all – No glue required. 3D puzzling taken to a new dimension. 216 plastic pieces fit together to form a perfectly smooth surface. No glue required. The finished building is a "picture-perfect" decoration for every room.