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GNA #1: Your Town - Graphic Novel Adventure from Season #1

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Your Town
Author: Shuky. Illustrator: 2D.

Ever wondered what it was like to be the mayor of a small town in the wild west? Well here's your chance to find out. You'll build buildings on a map to earn income, create jobs, attract new citizens, and gain a whole host of other benefits (and sometimes consequences) to help you manage the critical aspects of town!

In the adventure, choose the objective you wish to attempt to complete. They're listed below in order of difficulty.

  • Build at least 5 buildings in Zone D
  • Build 15 different buildings
  • Have a Population of at least 100
  • Complete the adventure without cheating
  • Build a School, a Hospital, a Large Prison, and a Town Hall
  • Have a Population of at least 150
  • Have a Monthly Income of $3000
  • Build at least 2 buildings in each Zone
  • Have an Approval rating of 100
  • Own all Zones
  • Have Monthly Income of $5000
  • Build all the buildings on the Building Registry

You can play many times aiming for different objectives and focusing on different strategies. The sheets you use to play and track your game can be downloaded and printed, of copied/scanned out of the book.