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Baker Street Casebook #3 - Strange Cases & Places

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In Casebook #3, the investigators find themselves dealing with unusual circumstances and locales out of the ordinary. Written by some of our favorite Baker Street authors, this new collection of cases includes:

The Spectral Hound, by Bryce Whitacre

Sir Charles Baskerville dies a mysterious death upon the Moors. Locals tell of a hound of hell that has plagued the Baskerville line for generations. Investigators are employed to keep the new lord of Baskerville Hall, Sir Henry, safe from the hound of hell. Is it supernatural forces at work, or something far more sinister? Adapted from the famed Sherlock Story, The Hound of the Baskervilles.

Cyanide and Faded Petticoats, by Aaron Lopez

Something is amiss in Southampton. Over the past several months many residents of Harper’s Workhouse have gone missing without a trace. At first, Mr. Harper gave no thought to it at all until two of his longest termed residents, Mr. Collingwood and Mr. Edwards were suddenly numbered among the missing. Are the missing just moving on as the local constabulary think, or is there something much deadlier happening in Southampton?

Murder on the Flying Scotsman, by Bryce Whitacre

Weary Investigators travelling home enjoy an overnight trip aboard the famous Flying Scotsman, a train travelling from Edinburgh to London. When one of the passengers turns up dead it’s up to the investigators to unravel the truth before the end of the line. That truth becomes ever so more dangerous for investigators as it forever changes the World of Sherlock Holmes!

This volume requires the Baker Street: Roleplaying in the World of Sherlock Holmes core rulebook to use.