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Buddy Van Buren

6 Greeting Card set by Buddy Van Buren

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These greeting card sets by Buddy Van Buren are sure to grab attention! Stand out from the crowd with these wildly creative and artistic renditions of digital photography and graphic works – perfect for making an impression!  Call (541) 730-7711 for more info.


I've been interested in art my entire life. I've tried my hand at most art mediums. Currently I'm doing photography and digital art. I had an art gallery in Boise Idaho. While living there I organized one of the largest open air art projects in the state. The Boise mural art project that featured 30 artists and 3000 sq ft of murals. I am planning on opening a art gallery here in Corvallis as well as large mural project this summer. I studied art history in college and have been fortunate enough to have visited some of the greatest galleries and museums including the Louvre in Paris.